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Relive that first rave vibe with retro-inspired presets that can inject a classic 90s feel into your tracks! Memorable arps, powerful organs, aetheric pads, and classic 90s sounds dominate a pack that will have you up out of your chair and grooving the way you used to.

As you’ve come to expect, all presets are volume normalized, rooted, and categorized with an intuitive naming system that ensures you never spend more time hunting for sounds than necessary.

Jan Hinke, Dutch sound designer and frequent collaborator with Freshly Squeezed Samples, drew his inspiration from some of the greatest: 808 State, T99, Eric Amador, Snap, Fierce Ruling Diva, Prodigy, Capella, Bomb The Bass, Reel 2 Real, Crystal Waters, 2Unlimited, Robin S, Lil Louis, Guru Josh, Afrika Bambaataa, Goldie and many others.

Product Contents

With 128 presets and 25 inspirational MIDI files, you’ll have everything you need to put your own spin on the classic retro house sound. Take a trip down memory lane through the audio demo and picture yourself playing with the sounds that inspired a generation.

Preset List

Preset Name Preset Name Preset Name
ARP – 90S Bass Arp I ARP – 90S Bass Arp Ii ARP – 90S Bass Arp Iii
ARP – Guru Juno Arp I ARP – Guru Juno Arp Ii ARP – Snap Bass Arp
BASS – 90S Bass I BASS – 90S Bass Ii BASS – 90S Bass Iii
BASS – 90S Bass Iv BASS – Body Fm BASS – Bumpers Bass
BASS – Crush Bass BASS – Dark State Hall Bass BASS – Dnb Distorted Bass
BASS – King Bass I BASS – King Bass Ii BASS – King Bass Iii
BASS – King Bass Iv BASS – Lately Bass BASS – Night Fm Bass
BASS – No Fret Bass BASS – Pump It Up BASS – Simple Short Bass
BASS – Smooth Drive Bass BASS – Snap Bass BASS – Sweet Sub
CHORD – Dub Chord I CHORD – Dub Chord Ii CHORD – Dub Chord Iii
CHORD – Fierce Chord CHORD – Oldschool House Chord CHORD – Planet Stab
CHORD – T99 Choir CHORD – Warehouse I CHORD – Warehouse Ii
CHORD – Warehouse Iii DRUM – Deep Kick 90S DRUM – Dist Kick 90S
DRUM – Euro Kick 90S DRUM – Hard Kick 90S FX – Bionic
FX – C64 FX – Electric Scratch FX – Electro Conga (Mw)
FX – Enter This FX – Flanger Noise FX – Get Ready
FX – Mama Mia FX – Red Alert FX – Rhythm Is Fx
FX – Rise And Fall KEYS – 80S Keys KEYS – 80S Tunnel Keys
KEYS – Dream Keys KEYS – Exodus Amador Piano KEYS – No One Keys
KEYS – Sine Piano LEAD – 90S Hoover I LEAD – 90S Hoover Ii
LEAD – Black Riot LEAD – Brass Stab I LEAD – Brass Stab Ii
LEAD – Capella Lead LEAD – Charly LEAD – Cmi Flute
LEAD – Cubikal Lead LEAD – Early Bird Lead LEAD – Euro Lead I
LEAD – Euro Lead Ii LEAD – Euro Lead Iii LEAD – Euro Lead Iv
LEAD – Expected Lead (Mw) LEAD – High Syncer LEAD – High Voltage
LEAD – Hook Lead LEAD – Jarre Lead I LEAD – Jarre Lead Ii
LEAD – Jarre Lead Iii LEAD – Jb Synth LEAD – Jupiter Lead
LEAD – Liam I LEAD – Liam Ii LEAD – Liam Iii
LEAD – Loud N Clear LEAD – Mono Poly Lead LEAD – Moogish Lead
LEAD – Move It (Mw) LEAD – Parra Lead LEAD – Raindrop Lead
LEAD – Solo Whistle LEAD – Tha Voice LEAD – Venga Lead
LEAD – Working Stab ORGAN – Cheezy Stadium Organ ORGAN – House Classic
ORGAN – Life Organ ORGAN – Waters Organ PAD – 1986
PAD – 90S Phased String PAD – Bells Angels Pad PAD – Dark 5Th Pad
PAD – Maestro Please PAD – Orchestra Strings PAD – Planet Mellotron
PAD – Pool Pad PAD – Stars Pad PAD – Timeless
PAD – Warm Jupiter Pad PLUCK – Allways Pluck PLUCK – Chill Pluck
PLUCK – Dx Harp PLUCK – Lofi Basic Pluck PLUCK – Popcorn
PLUCK – Soft Filler PLUCK – Super Strum PLUCK – Turn Pikes
SEQ – Acid I SEQ – Acid Ii SEQ – Acid Iii
SEQ – Acid State Arp SEQ – Egmatic Bassline SEQ – Electro Perc
SEQ – French I SEQ – French Ii SEQ – French Iii
SEQ – Planet Seq SEQ – Weekend


All of the presets in this product are 100% Royalty-Free, so once purchased, you can use these sounds in your commercial releases without having to pay any hidden costs.

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Date Created 13/11/2015
Last Update 13/11/2015
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Includes Presets, MIDI Files
Presets 128
Genre(s) Old School, House, Rave, Progressive, 80s, 90s, Synthwave
File Format(s) .sbf, .mid
Current Version 1.00
File Size 11 MB
Requirements Reveal Sound Spire 1.0.20
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    Wow, brilliant product and a must have since these sounds are all the rage again!

    5* product!


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    Product Details

    Date Created 13/11/2015
    Last Update 13/11/2015
    Includes Presets, MIDI Files
    Presets 128
    Genre(s) Old School, House, Rave, Progressive, 80s, 90s, Synthwave
    File Format(s) .sbf, .mid
    Current Version 1.00
    File Size 11 MB
    Requirements Reveal Sound Spire 1.0.20
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