Chillwave & Glo-Fi


Rising from the still-smoldering ashes of 80s retro beats, Chillwave and Glo-Fi define the sound of a generation of geeks and internet nerds raised on blogs, podcasts, and laptop-made music.

Produced by John Kunkel and Israel Medina, this pack gives you a complete tool-kit for painting the digital audio equivalent of a vibrant, lo-fi, dusted summer’s sunset. Featuring over 14 content categories and clocking in at 1.94 gigs – including drums, inspiration kits, vocals, guitars, and synth loops – this pack is an essential collection of high quality samples, MIDI files and presets that have been carefully crafted to give you that distinctive Chillwave sound while still letting your imagination run free.

Inspired by talented artists such as Tory Y Moi, Washed Out, Neon Indian, M83, Work Drugs, Lay Bac, Small Black, Teen Daze, Blackbird Blackbird, MIllionyoung, Slow Magic, Sun Glitters, Tycho, Young Galaxy and many others.

Product Contents

50 Atmosphere Loops – Set the tone with fifty lo-fi, atmospheric loops that smoothly express the laid back Chillwave sound.

45 Cassette Loops – Add texture and haze to your tracks with 45 washed out, saturated cassette loops.

51 Chord Stabs – Put some me meat on your tracks with these chords, each carefully honed to build a proper vibe.

405 Drum Hits – Hundreds of dusted single-shot percussion hits to choose from. Build your beats from the ground up to sound exactly the way you want them.

  • 40 Drum Fills
  • 50 Claps
  • 30 Cymbals
  • 60 Hats
  • 65 Kicks
  • 50 Percussion Hits
  • 100 Snares
  • 50 Toms

200 Drum Loops & Variations – Ready to dive right in? Our beach-Inspired customized drum loops will get you off on the right track. Each loop is provided in full, stripped, top and percussion variants for the ultimate in max and matching. Use them as-is to deliver genuine Glo-Fi sound right out of the gate, or cut and sample to your heart’s content.

46 Dust and Found Sounds – The perfect tools for adding that vibrant, authentic touch to your tunes.

60 FX Hits – For when you need just a little something more, these FX hits help you encapsulate the digital feel that drives the genre.

92 Guitar Loops – provided in both processed and unprocessed variants; add some organic guitar lick flavor to your tracks with these live recorded guitar loops.

40 Inspirational Construction Kits + MIDI Files – 40 full kits of songstarters, complete from top to bottom. Take them as they come to launch your creative process, or tease them apart and put them to work piece by piece to suit your vision of the ultimate Chillwave tune.

30 Pad Loops – Rich, full-bodied backing across the full spectrum of emotional outlets. Lift their spirits or commiserate with their despair, all with fully developed loops ready to go out of the box.

37 Sequence Loops – It wouldn’t be Chillwave without sequencers! These carefully constructed loops give you the distinctive sound of the style in easily inserted, easily reworked pieces.

60 Synth And Key Loops + MIDI Files – A full range of key-labelled synth loops with captivating progressions and ear-catching hooks, all ready for immediate use.

25 Vocal Loops – Send shivers down spines and make your track instantly recognizable with haunting choral backdrops, smooth vocal solos, and reworked vox effects.

64 Spire Presets – Put Spire to work delivering smooth synth lines and evocative sound right out of the gate with these expertly crafted presets.

Preset List

Preset Name Preset Name Preset Name
AMB – Darkness AMB – Distopia Tv AMB – Doom
AMB – Future AMB – Healer AMB – Kraft
AMB – Luft AMB – Stealer AMB – Too Huge
ARP – Analog ARP – Cassette ARP – Chaos
ARP – Cross ARP – Fun Bass Jam ARP – Jj
ARP – Juniper ARP – M83 ARP – November
ARP – Vowel BASS – Breeze BASS – Dimension
BASS – Glo BASS – Juicy BASS – Mininova
BASS – Monsta BASS – Regalia BASS – Retroglade
BASS – Shaper BASS – White FX – Dfx
FX – Intro FX – Neon FX – Riser
FX – Robocop KEY – Girl KEY – Akai
KEY – Blitz KEY – China KEY – Key Of Life
KEY – Lift KEY – Luck KEY – Squared
KEY – Trill KEY – Vowel LEAD – Beaching
LEAD – Brothertiger LEAD – Digits LEAD – Dust
LEAD – Gated LEAD – Joker LEAD – Shaker
LEAD – Shaper LEAD – Tastemaker LEAD – Warm
PAD – Call Of The Wild PAD – Cinematic PAD – Closer
PAD – Distant Siren PAD – Fm PAD – Holy Children
PAD – Mia PAD – Mover PAD – Slow
PAD – Soft PAD – Yamaha


All of the presets, samples and loops in this product are 100% Royalty-Free, so once purchased, you can use these sounds in your commercial releases without having to pay any hidden costs.


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Date Created 13/11/2015
Last Update 13/11/2015
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Includes Samples, MIDI Files, Presets
Presets 64
Genre(s) Chillwave, Synth Pop, Synthwave, Future RnB
File Format(s) .wav, .mid, sbf
Current Version 1.00
File Size 2 GB
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    Perfect Mix of 80s inspired Sounds and Chill Grooves. Must Have!

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    Product Details

    Date Created 13/11/2015
    Last Update 13/11/2015
    Includes Samples, MIDI Files, Presets
    Presets 64
    Genre(s) Chillwave, Synth Pop, Synthwave, Future RnB
    File Format(s) .wav, .mid, sbf
    Current Version 1.00
    File Size 2 GB
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